What is an S-Tuner?

Every car owner dreams of making it unique. Modern technology allows you to install disk backlighting, lower neon, spoilers and many other elements that will give the car a truly stand out look. But for changes to look organically, it is necessary to plan all in advance. That is why there is a virtual 3D tuning online.

What is S-Tuner? This is the most realistic and interesting site for online car tuning. You are provided with a large selection of cars, parts and the ability to create absolutely any vinyl and stickers with Photoshop.



You just go to S-Tuner and start making changes, step by step giving your iron horse perfect shape. Virtual 3D tuning allows you to completely transform your car in 20 minutes. You can change online:

  • disks
  • the wheels
  • the headlights
  • the hood
  • bumper
  • exhaust pipes and much more.

The main advantage of the virtual 3D salon tuning online – its focus only on parts of existing brands.

The “S” in S-Tuner stands for S-Chassis, but due to popular demand, 10 different manufacturers now exist with over 70 models to choose from. Recently, 2 European brands have been introduced into S-Tuner, BMW and Volkswagen.

Features of the site:

  • S-Tuner is full of amazing features, the most basic being copying, positioning, and altering the size of any part you can choose from.
  • Decals/liveries/wraps or whatever you want to call them are a big part in S-Tuner.
  • S-Tuner has made it a lot easier for the users as well, allowing the users to export front, side, back, and top templates for their graphics which come in 2048×1024 resolution.
  • Until around mid-2015, people figured out how to make their own “mods” for S-Tuner, which involves the program called Blender, and a “Python script”.
  • Mods are available for download from the public FB group S-Tuner Black Market Imports, these means you don’t have to be a member to dig into their files.


Of course, the ability to put unique headlights or spoiler costs a lot. But the best way to stand out from the millions of similar models is with airbrushing. Bright print on the hood or side will give the car an unforgettable look.


However, before you apply the image will not hurt to see how it will transform the vehicle. The right combination of colours is of particular importance. Here comes the game and comes virtual 3D tuning online. Thousands of different prints will allow you to find exactly what you need.


S-Tuner resource gives everyone the opportunity to turn their car by means of virtual 3D tuning online into a real work of art. Unlike most such services, it has important advantages, among which:

  • All sorts of manipulations with the suspension. The user can adjust any height.
  • Tinting glass.
  • Coloring of the exterior in any color.
  • Two types of paint: matt and glossy.

Service functionality of the resource, working in the online mode, is constantly updated, as well as a number of machines. If you wish, you can register and get your office, as well as make a newsletter to the news.

This virtual service is notable for its laconicism. The interface has only really necessary icons and buttons. As a result, it is very convenient to work with the site. Moreover, the graphics engine does not overload the Internet channel, so all changes are displayed quickly and without errors.


About the graphics engine and the interface you need to tell us more. Despite the fact that this virtual platform works online, the graphics are just great. Cars look like they are in reality, and modifications are immediately displayed on the screen.

The car can be rotated in different directions, choosing the most convenient angle for viewing. Spare parts are changed by means of a special menu on the left or by pressing the cursor on a certain element of the car.

The process of tuning online is more like a game. Once you have tried – it is impossible to break away. The ability to almost live to see how the vehicle is transformed – invaluable. After all the manipulations are completed, you can save the project on a virtual server or print it out to show the owners of tuning salons.

The advantages of virtual 3d tuning can be attributed:

  • instant display of changes;
  • the ability to calculate the cost of all spare parts;
  • saving all options for virtual tuning;
  • installation of additional plug-ins.

Online 3d tuning allows you to not only turn your car into a racing car, but also have a nice time at work in the “garage”. There is nothing more interesting than watching opel turn into a real road monster with the mouse and keyboard.

It should also be noted that many sites working online in the field of 3D tuning, provide customers with channels for the sale of tuned machines. So, if you want to buy or sell an already completely redesigned car, go to 3dtuning.stuner.net.

Many users can create their own car and as a few examples:



Tuning is in 3d mode, the car can be rotated horizontally on the axis. It is allowed to change the color, make vinyl, change the bumper, fenders, etc.

Module 3D car tuning allows you to make dodging in any combination, using a variety of spoilers, bumpers, sills, moldings, headlights, disks, etc. In this case, virtual car tuning is not just a set of abstract parts, but on the contrary, it consists only of real components for car tuning.

Online 3d tuning is devoid of all these shortcomings. Not only that, you do not even need to register. Just choose from the list of car models and start creating.

Great popularity among fans of virtual tuning domestic cars produced in the last century. Installing a spoiler and dodger allows you to completely transform the appearance of an old “way”, turning it into something unimaginable. Change the headlights, mirrors, fenders and hood. There are almost no restrictions!