Best Upgrades for RAM 1500: Tuners, Covers, Body Kits, etc.

RAM 1500 is as brutal as the horned goat with the scroll from which he got his name. The reliable, hard-working Dodge Ram 1500 has satisfied the demands of demanding drivers since 1981. Add custom Dodge Ram accessories and spare parts to Auto Accessories Garage to take your frame to new heights in functionality and style. From pendants and lowering kits to Dodge Ram barrels, we’ve got everything you need to keep your Dodge protected and performing perfectly at well-deserved prices. Plus, most of our Dodge Ram accessories come with free shipping, saving you even more.


What do you like to improve on RAM 1500?

Once you’ve bought a new pickup truck from one of our local Ram dealers, getting behind the wheel and taking it off the lot is one of the best experiences life has to offer.

The opportunities available to you and Ram are almost endless. Whether you need it for work or want it to play, your pickup truck is the key to freedom that you simply cannot find in any other vehicle.

RAM 1500 update
RAM 1500 update

Once you’ve overcome the initial dizziness that comes with the new owner, it’s time to start thinking about everything you’re going to do to make your truck absolutely mind-boggling.

RAM 1500
RAM 1500

Looking to give your engine some more oomph? You want to hear the baby roar? The performance of the air intake is just what you need. By replacing the suction connection in your 1500, you can pump extra air directly into your engine for more power and efficiency. Plus, if you want your truck to produce a more aggressive, resonant sound, an upgraded air inlet will surely do the same. It’s an easy and affordable way to improve a pickup truck, and you’ll definitely be happy with the results.

Tuning of Dodge Ram can be conventionally divided into such directions as:

  • pronounced and stylish for an urban environment,
  • hunting and fishing,
  • extreme travel.

But often owners of Dodge Ram combine different elements of tuning in their favorite.

If a pickup truck spends most of its time on urban roads, then the tuning of Dodge Ram will consist of comfort, style and separation from the mass of urban cars, the question arises… where else does it stand out, it turns out, there is where!

For practicality, comfort and style, in the tuning of Dodge Ram exterior is installed

  • Dougie
  • Covers in the body
  • Steps to the body
  • Equip the body with additional boxes if there is no Ram Box.
  • Sports hood
  • Electric thresholds
  • Additional lighting fixtures and tuned headlights
  • Window deflectors
  • No urban tuning Dodge Ram can do without installing rims, wheels and wheel arch extensions.

As for the interior of Dodge Ram, tuning here will be much cheaper and easier, unless you are certainly going to cover the whole interior with leather, you can do with waterprint of individual interior details, noise insulation and mats. Well, why more, if the interior is already chic.

Upgrades for RAM 1500
Upgrades for RAM 1500

Tuning Dodge Ram for hunters and fishermen is first of all a kung, because kung is not only a trunk with a large volume, but also a compartment for transporting hunting dogs and sleeping place for a fisherman. For more cross-country ability Dodge Ram make tuning of suspensions or installation of elevator sets, put additional lamps, kangaroos, a winch.

Best Upgrades for RAM 1500
Best Upgrades for RAM 1500

Lovers of extreme travel and recreation tuning their Dodge Ram according to their extreme hobby. Most often, the body of a pickup truck is covered with a protective coating Line-X or Z-Pro, which protects the car from deep scratches and coarse damage, install power bumpers and strengthen the bottom protection, belt the pickup with a protective dodge, for better cross-country ability, lift it with a set or air suspension.

But even this is not the end of Dodge Ram tuning for fans of high adrenaline, additional fuel tanks are installed for long journeys on the road. To transport ATVs, snowmobiles or bikes are installed winches, electric hoists or body races.

Modifications by category:

RAM 1500
RAM 1500


Lifting kits are always a favorite truck model. While people may mock and call a raised truck a bromide dozer, they don’t know what they’re missing. Lifting a truck is much more than an excuse to rise above small highway sedans. A raised Ram 1500 can conquer a few serious, insidious off-road trails. The extra height allows for more tires, more suspension mileage and better approach and departure angles.


If you are trying to gain extra power for your towing vehicle, or just looking for the better mileage, the tuner/programming device has to be next in your wishlist. The Tuner will communicate with the vehicle/car engine computer through the OBD2 diagnostic port and allow you to take control of your journey. Many customizable options including speedometer adjustment, gear-changing point adjustment, diagnostics, removing/installing the speed limiter and control of the calibration detector make the Tuner for 5.7 HEMI the most reliable tool at your disposal. The ease of installation removes any doubts you may have about whether a programmer is right for you or not.


If you’re an after-sales fan, you should have known it was coming. Cold air intakes are one of the most obviously beneficial modifications for most vehicles. On a 1500 frame, a cold air inlet can result in a noticeable increase in power. Cold air intake alone will not immediately turn your truck into a track star, but it is a great place to start upgrading your Ram 1500 engine.


No increase in air intake can occur if the exhaust fumes are not muffled. Your vehicle’s exhaust can be a serious obstacle to engine performance. Productive exhaust systems allow air to escape smoothly and quickly from the engine, which in turn provides more air and more power.


While performance is a great excuse to modify your 1500 frame, comfort and convenience are also important. Even if you take your truck off the road regularly, the chances are that you’ll get in and out of the cab much more often. This is where the side steps, treadmills and nerf bars all come into play. They perform many functions, but mostly you will like the ease with which you can get in and out of your truck.


In the same vein as the scaffolding and side steps, floor mats are a great way to make owning a 1500 frame much more comfortable. Even though the trucks have a tendency to get dirty, there’s no reason the interior looks like a mud pit.


With all the variety of tuning for Dodge Ram, fantasies and dreams of the owners, to improve their favorite do not know the border, it helps to make dreams come true.